ALE Property Group owns 86 quality freehold pubs around Australia. We invite you to take a tour of our portfolio through this interactive website and create your own compendium by adding properties to “My Property Compendium”. The entire Portfolio is available from the Download Centre.

Three layers of Value

Value of Income
  • 100% of ALE’s 86 properties are leased to ALH, Australia’s largest pub operator
  • Long term triple net leases with an average lease term of 11.3 years plus four 10 year options for ALH to renew
  • Properties of core strategic operating importance to ALH
  • Properties have operated in current locations as pubs for more than 60 years on average
  • ALH is 75% owned by Woolworths and 25% by the Bruce Mathieson Group
  • Woolworths is Australia’s largest liquor retailer
Value of Growth
  • Rents are expected to take a small step increase towards market levels at November 2018 as the market rent reviews for each property are capped and collared within 10% of the 2017 rent
  • Rents on four properties have already been agreed at a fixed 10% increase and will be reviewed again in around 11 years
  • Individual hotels’ outlook, their EBITDAR results in the years leading up to reviews and market rent parameters will be important to outcomes
  • Rents are expected to take a much larger step increase at 2028 as the rent for each property is able to fully revert to market levels
Value of Opportunities
  • ALE’s properties have a significant land value component
  • More than 90% of the ~1 square kilometre of land owned by ALE is located in Australian capitals and major cities
  • ALE and ALH continue to explore opportunities to work together on redevelopment of underutilised properties for mutual benefit
  • Alternate use opportunities exist at some properties in the longer term

ALE Property Locations

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Download Full Compendium


We have created a property compendium with a summary for each state and a compendium with an overview of all states. You can create your own property compendium by clicking on individual states and properties within the ALE Property Portfolio site and adding properties to your compendium.